Boo! Scaring on Halloween!

BOO! AAAAAAHHHHH! The scream of  an innocent boy flew past me. Mwah hahahaha!

It was October 31st, Halloween night!! My friend and I were planning on scaring people as they came to get candy at our doorstep. I was dressed as a vampire for Halloween, but to scare people I wore my friend’s screamer mask. The plan was to sit on the bench as still as a rock. We had to look like decorations. And just as kids came up next to us… BOO!!!!!!!!

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Plan Succeeds:

I sat on the bench. My friend would signal to me when a kid was close so I would know. Suddenly, I saw a group of middle-schoolers walking towards us. I thought it was hopeless – how would we scare kids older than us. It was worth a try though.

I sat as still as a statue. As the kids climbed the steps, they saw me on the bench. One girl said “Is that a person or a decoration?” Another kid responded “It’s a decoration!” Hahaha, I thought. They will sure find out what it is. Just as they were about to go past me I got up abruptly and yelled AAAAAARARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

“AAAAAHHHHHHH,” the middle schoolers went falling back in fright. Some girls even ran away without taking the candy. We all laughed like happy goblins!!

Plan Fails:

I sat down on the bench again. This time we saw a group of high schoolers approaching.   I was having second thoughts about doing it to older kids. Well I did it anyway.

I saw the kids climb the stairs. As they stared at me, I didn’t know what to do. So  I sat still as a rock, hardly breathing.  Just as they moved I went AARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

What!!? Nobody jumped back surprised? One kid pulled off my mask laughing at my failed attempt! Oh well, sad for me! I gave them candy and they left. I wanted to get revenge on them so bad because I heard them talking to some other kids that we were going to try to scare them. Our plan failed that time as well.

It was a fun Halloween! I had more fun scaring people than trick or treating.

BEWARE: If you see someone in a screamer mask next year, who knows? It might be me trying to get you as my next victim.


My first Taekwondo class!

This is the first narrative I have written in 5th Grade, about my first Taekwondo class!


            Calm down, focus and concentrate I told myself. “Harveer, try harder!” Master Kim told me. “Kick center of board!” Master Kim exclaimed in a stern voice.  “Hiyaaaa! Crack, OOOOOOO WWWW my foot!” I shouted. “I’m doomed!” I thought in pain.

I was entering the Taekwondo room. The room was so motivational, I was really pumped up. When I got on the mat I bowed and entered.  I went straight to Master Kim.

He asked me, “How are you today, Harveer?”

“Excellent!” I replied happily.

“Say, Excellent Sir!” he told me.

“Excellent Sir!” I exclaimed.

I was frightened to know that everybody was more advanced than me. I only had a white belt while all the other kids had jaundiced-looking, yellow-green, and a white with a green tape belts.

First, Master Kim shouted to everybody, ” Meditation!”

“Yes Sir!” everybody replied obediently in unison.

I was so confused. I didn’t even know how to do meditation. I felt left out because everybody was meditating and I was just sitting there doing nothing. After a while, I figured it out and sat criss-cross applesauce, with my hands on my knees.

Suddenly, Master Kim with a serious look on his face shouted, ” Everybody, stand up!”  

“Yes sir!” we responded quickly! He told us it was time for board breaking. I was so confused. Was board breaking, breaking wood or what? I even got up because I thought board breaking was kicking, which it was, but right now it wasn’t my turn. Everybody laughed and I got so embarrassed I sat down as fast as a cheetah.

I asked someone next to me what Master Kim meant by board breaking and he told me that we would be breaking a wooden board. I was so scared that I thought I was going to faint.

First went the white belts. Abruptly, I realized I was a white belt! I let the other white belt kid go first. He went and got 2 turns. He missed. This made me even more nervous.

“Harveer, you’re next!” Master Kim said in a way that gave me more confidence! My heart went, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. I was so terrified and by the look on Master Kim’s face, I realized he knew I was. I was shivering with fright. This was because I felt like there were a million people around me watching, but there were only about 20! Master Kim gave me confidence by telling me that I would do perfectly fine. I thought what everybody would say if I couldn’t break the board. Finally, I gathered enough strength and courage. I ran up and kicked the board with all my might! I missed. I felt a mixture of different emotions. I was mad I didn’t break the board and sad for the same reason.

Luckily, I got another turn. Master Kim told me to hit the center of the board. My heart was now thumping so loud that I could hear it without touching my heart. I forgot about all my surroundings and went for the center of the board. “Haaaaa!” I shouted loudly! I hit the board. “Crack, OOOOWWWW WWW” I shouted…

The board had broken! I felt such a great amount of accomplishment! Master Kim shouted happily ” Well done Harveer! Everybody a round of applause for Harveer!” By the look on Master Kim’s face, I could tell that he was proud to have a student that could break a board on his first class.

After this incident, I went back to my seat, and thought about all of the great things I had learned today. Meditating, kicking, punching, and board breaking. I thought about how good I would be in 3 months from now at Taekwondo. I soon realized why my parents wanted me to join when I was younger.  They wanted me to have a self-confident, and strong personality. I knew I had found something that I would love to do!

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Hope you enjoyed!!!!!