Why You Should Never Go To Kumon.


Kumon is a math and reading program for kids all the way up to high school.   If you’re about to join for Math you should be ready for the hardest part of your life. You may think it is easy in the beginning. 2+2, 3+3, 4+4. But BEWARE… it’s gonna get HARDER! You will suffer! If you join Kumon reading you should be ready for the most boring thing in your whole childhood. So if you’re about to join Kumon, you might first want to read this entire blog post so you know all the pain I went through…

Why you should never join Kumon!

  • Kumon is very repetitive. You will do the same packet up to 4 times – to “Master it”  as one of the Kumon instructors said. You should always take 5 or 10 pages for high levels. If you take 2, 3 or 4 pages it will take you much more time to finish Kumon.
  • Some Kumon teachers ignore you. For the first 3 months of your Kumon journey, you will have a personal instructor sitting next to you. Enjoy this while it lasts. Three months later, if you need anything you will raise your hand. Sometimes, your hand will STILL be raised 10 minutes later.
  • If you are on a high level some Kumon teachers will not be able to help you. I am in level H (8th grade math) and only 2 teachers can help me with my math.
  • Kumon is expensive. 140 dollars a month per subject. That is another reason why you should take more pages. If you finish faster, you pay less.



If I had the chance to go back to 2nd grade and was given the choice to join Kumon again, I would say…


Yeah, I know! I just wrote an entire article about why I hate Kumon but I’m now telling you that given the choice, I would still choose to do Kumon. Here’s why:

  • Kumon has really helped me in my math. Despite it being hard, I have learned a lot.
  • I am always getting ‘A’s in everything because of Kumon.
  • I am able to help and teach my friends things in Math and English they did not know before.
  • Some Kumon instructors are nice and smart. Along with teachers who don’t know hard math there are some nice teachers who can help you as well and care about you.
  • I am able to write this blog! Yes, English in Kumon is very boring and I haven’t “learned”  anything but it has definitely improved my writing and reading skills. Like my first narrative about the Taekwondo class. I wouldn’t be able to write it well if it weren’t for Kumon.

So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t want to be smart and don’t want good grades in school, then don’t ever go to Kumon!! But if you do…



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