My first Taekwondo class!

This is the first narrative I have written in 5th Grade, about my first Taekwondo class!


            Calm down, focus and concentrate I told myself. “Harveer, try harder!” Master Kim told me. “Kick center of board!” Master Kim exclaimed in a stern voice.  “Hiyaaaa! Crack, OOOOOOO WWWW my foot!” I shouted. “I’m doomed!” I thought in pain.

I was entering the Taekwondo room. The room was so motivational, I was really pumped up. When I got on the mat I bowed and entered.  I went straight to Master Kim.

He asked me, “How are you today, Harveer?”

“Excellent!” I replied happily.

“Say, Excellent Sir!” he told me.

“Excellent Sir!” I exclaimed.

I was frightened to know that everybody was more advanced than me. I only had a white belt while all the other kids had jaundiced-looking, yellow-green, and a white with a green tape belts.

First, Master Kim shouted to everybody, ” Meditation!”

“Yes Sir!” everybody replied obediently in unison.

I was so confused. I didn’t even know how to do meditation. I felt left out because everybody was meditating and I was just sitting there doing nothing. After a while, I figured it out and sat criss-cross applesauce, with my hands on my knees.

Suddenly, Master Kim with a serious look on his face shouted, ” Everybody, stand up!”  

“Yes sir!” we responded quickly! He told us it was time for board breaking. I was so confused. Was board breaking, breaking wood or what? I even got up because I thought board breaking was kicking, which it was, but right now it wasn’t my turn. Everybody laughed and I got so embarrassed I sat down as fast as a cheetah.

I asked someone next to me what Master Kim meant by board breaking and he told me that we would be breaking a wooden board. I was so scared that I thought I was going to faint.

First went the white belts. Abruptly, I realized I was a white belt! I let the other white belt kid go first. He went and got 2 turns. He missed. This made me even more nervous.

“Harveer, you’re next!” Master Kim said in a way that gave me more confidence! My heart went, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. I was so terrified and by the look on Master Kim’s face, I realized he knew I was. I was shivering with fright. This was because I felt like there were a million people around me watching, but there were only about 20! Master Kim gave me confidence by telling me that I would do perfectly fine. I thought what everybody would say if I couldn’t break the board. Finally, I gathered enough strength and courage. I ran up and kicked the board with all my might! I missed. I felt a mixture of different emotions. I was mad I didn’t break the board and sad for the same reason.

Luckily, I got another turn. Master Kim told me to hit the center of the board. My heart was now thumping so loud that I could hear it without touching my heart. I forgot about all my surroundings and went for the center of the board. “Haaaaa!” I shouted loudly! I hit the board. “Crack, OOOOWWWW WWW” I shouted…

The board had broken! I felt such a great amount of accomplishment! Master Kim shouted happily ” Well done Harveer! Everybody a round of applause for Harveer!” By the look on Master Kim’s face, I could tell that he was proud to have a student that could break a board on his first class.

After this incident, I went back to my seat, and thought about all of the great things I had learned today. Meditating, kicking, punching, and board breaking. I thought about how good I would be in 3 months from now at Taekwondo. I soon realized why my parents wanted me to join when I was younger.  They wanted me to have a self-confident, and strong personality. I knew I had found something that I would love to do!

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Hope you enjoyed!!!!!


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